Product Review: Nexus Wooden Pirate Ship

Disclaimer: This post has been produced in partnership with Nexus. We were not paid for this article, but goods were sent in exchange for an honest and frank review. 

This product arrived in a compact but well presented box, with large imagery of the enclosed product which being avid pirate fans, excited our children as soon as they noticed what was enclosed!

The product is made of wood, with only a number of plastic elements which is the perfect addition to our small world resources as we veer away from plastic resources in our setting.


The pirate ship did not come pre-built, which was initially great for us as the children were keen to be involved and help build the pirate ship and be involved throughout the whole process. Instructions were enclosed and all pieces detailed and in tact.

The actual construction of the product was a little bit fiddly, particularly for our 4-year old but thankfully we had some very determined school-aged children present who were adamant they would be able to build the ship (and they did!). Some bits of the construction however had to be completed by an adult as they were just too fiddly or required a little more force and precision.


However, once the boat was constructed, it really came into its own. The pirate ship hosted various small, but poignant features for any avid pirate fan, from the barrel, to the anchor and to the access into the ship’s mess and our pirate fan spent a considerable amount of time exploring each part of the ship, explaining it to his peers and using the enclosed figures to act out pirate role play.

This ship has been re-visited and re-used countless times to support role-play and stories amongst the children’s child-led play and is a beautiful addition to our playroom.

(Not recommended for children under 3 years of age due to small parts included!)

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