Championing Home-Based Childcare

The past month or so, we’ve been busy doing something we are both incredibly passionate about; championing home-based childcare to the wider Early Years sector and community.

Home-based childcare and awareness of this type of provision is slowly increasing and we are keen to do our bit to champion the hard-work home-based childcare providers do on a daily basis; not only to provide a high standard of care to their children, but also in raising the profile of the home-based childcare to the sector.

We were recently honoured and overwhelmed to be asked to deliver a presentation ‘Championing Childminders’ at BrewEDEY Twickenham; a grassroots event that was attended by prolific figures in Early Years (Dr Sue Allingham, Laura Henry and Helen Moylett to name but a few!) and so we used this as a perfect opportunity to spread the home-based childcare message across the wider Early Years Community.

Public speaking is something neither of us are particularly keen on doing but we knew we needed to overcome our personal fears and concerns in order to adequately promote home-based childcare and to showcase the benefits to people who perhaps have limited experience/understanding of the home-based childcare community.

Our presentation was incredibly well received and we were absolutely astounded by the feedback we received from such prolific figures within the Early Years community.

Home-based Childcare, it’s potential and benefits for the children is something we are both so passionate about and to be able to spread the word on a platform such as this BrewEDEY event, is something we are both incredibly proud of.


In addition to this, Bridgit was asked to record an interview recently with Early Years training specialist and author, Kathy Brodie for ‘Early Years TV’ a series of video interviews with a broad range of Early Years experts talking about a diverse range of topics that affect the Early Years community. Bridgit was asked to talk about Home-Based Childcare, explain in more detail what we do and the foraging aspect of our practice.

Despite being incredibly nervous, Bridgit delivered a brilliant and informative interview with Kathy, expressing beautifully the passion and knowledge that drives her every day practice and what has mad Pebbles the successful home-based childcare setting and business it is today.

Again, the response to Bridgit’s interview was phenomenal and she has since had home-based childcare providers and practitioners from across the country contact her to congratulate her and tell her how much they enjoyed her interview.

You can watch Bridgit’s and other EYTV interviews here:

We will continue to promote and champion home-based childcare as a viable career and childcare option for as long as it takes for this type of childcare to get the recognition and respect it truly deserves across the wider Early Years community and society as a whole. You can also get involved in championing our sector by promoting your setting and good practice on social media and in your local community.  Additionally, you  can also get in touch with PACEY who are running a campaign called #notjustababysitter. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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